A new symptom of corona virus, a sudden change in the legs ... Learn what the experts say?

Code 19 is an epidemic that started in China and Italy and spread around the world at a glance. Today, 213 countries are affected by Corona. The virus has so far claimed more than 190,000 lives.

Experts around the world are working to develop a vaccine against the virus, and experts have discovered a number of symptoms in people infected with the virus.

At the outset of the epidemic, it was said that sore throat, fever, headache and shortness of breath were the main symptoms, but this is no longer the case.

Doctors have identified another symptom and that is a sudden change in the color or texture of the skin or the appearance of scars. Experts from the School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States have identified a symptom called code tweezers, in which purple or blue marks or sores appear on the patient's feet and toes.

Doctors say that there is pain and burning sensation when touching the wound or scar. According to medical experts, it is seen in patients with corona virus who do not show other symptoms.

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