Allama Mohammad Iqbal

The famous poet of the subcontinent Allama Iqbal was a complete personality who had many facets. He was a philosopher, author, poet, politician, thinker and lawyer. He had a master's degree in arts and a PhD in philosophy. Murshid Kalam said that he recited Durood Sharif 40 million times during his PhD. Perhaps this was the means of Durood Sharif that this awakened brain lover Rasool showed the essence of poetry that is a beacon for the poets to come till the Day of Judgment. He talked about Shaheen, Sufism, the self, the perfect man and the concept of the believer. Among his unforgettable and admirable deeds are Israr-e-Khodi, Ramuz-e-Bekhodi, Payam-e-Mashreq, Bang-e-Dara, Ajam-e-Ajam, and Armaghan Hijaz.
Shaheen's metaphor was used for the youth. Because the falcon is a proud and self-sufficient bird that lives freely, keeps flying high, does not build a house, hunts its own prey and does not eat anyone. It is a flying bird that is a manifestation of faith, pride and love Says
Not your dominion at the dome of the sultanate
So Shaheen is roosting on the rocks of the mountains
The same is said about the self
The head of the self is La ilaha illa Allah
Iqbal presents the concept of a perfect man and a believing servant. Encourage young people to recognize their true place. According to him, the real legacy of a believer is the Qur'an, the world is its prison. If it recognizes its origin, then in fact it becomes a model of the Sira of the Companions.
No one knows the secret of a believer
The reader sees the Qur'an in fact
A believer is one who seeks the mysteries of the self, has a lofty gaze, is eloquent, and has full faith.
The world is only the legacy of a believer
Not a believer who does not have understanding
Fatwas of disbelief were also imposed on him for writing a glorious reply. But this is one of her great masterpieces in which the soul of Iqbal complains to Lord Iqbal and she responds with God's grace and glory. Muslims, Muslims, even if the infidels recite it, the locks of the chest will be opened, the eyes of the heart will be awakened and this mystical word will burn the soul with faith.
Iqbal's influences include Maulana Rumi, Bayazid Bastami, Mujaddid al-Fathani, Maulana Maududi and others. He used to refer to the words of Maulana Rumi for the sake of divine knowledge. He called himself a disciple of Hindi and called Rumi Pir Rumi.
On Monday, Rumi smashed the dust
He built it out of dust
(Pir Rumi erased the dust and made many glows from my dust)
He became associated with Maulana Maududi when Maulana Maududi wrote his first book, Jihad Fi Al-Islam, at the age of fifty-five, and Iqbal appreciated it. He was the one who advised Maulana to visit Lahore.
Iqbal has always been known as a poet and ordinary people do not consider his profession of advocacy to be very successful. But in Raqim al-Huroof's meager research, Allama Iqbal's advocacy career began with a barrister from London. He has won more than 50 cases, including criminal and civil cases. There are 104 cases registered in All India Report, Punjab Law Report and Indian cases in which MP Iqbal appeared in the court as counsel for one of the parties.
It was a sign of immersion in the love of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that Ghazi Alam-e-Din, who had sent the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to Hell, was brought down to the grave with his own hands. He sat on the grave and cried for a long time. They said, "This son of a blacksmith has spread the word about our education."
Finally, Ghulam Sarwar Kainat, a follower of Hindi, a pioneer of two national ideologies, a Pakistani thinker, passed away on November 9, 1937.
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