Corona virus: Fever, cough and difficulty breathing, what are the symptoms of this disease and how to avoid it
The corona virus continues to spread around the world and so far the number of confirmed cases is close to 2.7 million and the number of deaths is more than 190,000. If you look at Pakistan, the number of people affected by Corona is more than 11,000, while more than 240 people have died as a result of this epidemic.

According to researchers, 80% of people in the world affected by Corona have only mild symptoms and those who have these symptoms are in the minority.

So the question is how can you identify it?

What are the symptoms of Code-19?
The virus affects the lungs and the two main symptoms are fever and persistent dry cough.

According to the British National Institutes of Health, a dry cough means a sore throat that does not produce mucus.

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