To die of starvation or starvation

LThe whole world is in fear of Korona. In fact, the virus is transmitted from one person to another, then from one province to another, then from one country to another, and finally the whole world is paralyzed. Whenever I start praying after prayers, I hear the sobs of mothers and sisters. Curfew in Kashmir is coming to an end, but everyone who listens to the rhetoric of Kashmir has made a name for itself by demonstrating and protesting on the issue of Kashmir in order to gloss over their politics. But they had forgotten that this stick is silent. But they had forgotten that the most dangerous of these is the one who is the one who does justice. Allah Almighty has made it clear to the whole world, not just one human being, that if He can create everything, then it will take the same amount of time to destroy everything. Born for obedience, man forgot this and the desire to earn money began to build his relationship and his place. This corona showed the sign of doomsday that man is not shaking hands with man. Money is being thrown in many countries that this money will be left in the world. There are oppressors who In the name of help, they are trying to gloss over their politics. In our country, these profiteers have become so powerful that their hands are in the hands of ministers and advisers. Even if a law reaches them, the law cannot do anything. The government is taking steps for middle class families. He said that it is possible to win the war against this corona but when they go abroad to buy something, the prices of things have gone up which the government has not taken any notice of. The people are so scared that they have started storing water along with household rations. But it is expensive because the houses are on the streets We have reached the kitchen, but we are seeing the holy month of Ramadan, because the month of Ramadan has scared us. We were even mentally ready to fight the big sellers. The government of the time also announced that cheap Ramadan bazaars will not be set up this time, while the poor will get 10 to 20 rupees. They also could not be found. The profiteers, the haraam eaters and the big sellers will be silver. I have been working with the public rickshaw union for some time now. The lists of all rickshaw drivers that are my responsibility, the chairman ordered. Contact Borlog too. I was shocked twenty times about the post when I was called for rations by people who knew that there were good people who ate and drank, but after the meeting they said that all the businesses were closed and the disaster came suddenly because there was no one to earn or eat. The income is not yours but the expenses are not mentioned. People can't even see their children hungry. Realizing the same thing, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan announced that the prices of electricity and gas will not increase now. Realizing the Prime Minister's words, petrol should be sold for less than Rs 100 and LPG for Rs 140.There is no doubt that poverty has taken root in every household and people hate abuse and poverty is the biggest abuse for the poor and there are people in our society who are at risk of coronavirus. Despite the economic downturn, they did not help anyone out of respect for their honor and dignity, which is certainly commendable, but with the help and encouragement of such people, it is our responsibility as well as the government to keep an eye on those who are philanthropists. The perpetrators are the working class They are neither going to work nor are they asking anyone. Koran is definitely a bigger virus but it is a bigger virus than that. Has the choice to die of coronation or to starve everyone to death?

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