When will the corona virus be eradicated? The World Health Organization said

The WHO says it is too late to eradicate the corona virus.

The WHO warns that Corona is not over yet, the agency's advice should be taken seriously, the organization speaks on the basis of science and evidence, the end of Corona epidemic is still far away, so all countries have their responsibilities Feel the responsibility.

However, just a week ago, the World Health Organization warned the world that the worst time was coming for the corona epidemic. The whole world must unite to fight the virus, Dr. Tedros said, adding that people do not understand this. That Corona is a fact.

The head of the agency says the corona virus has appeared for the first time in 100 years, with 100 million people dying from influenza in 1918. If lockdown restrictions are lifted quickly, it could increase the spread of the epidemic. Can Take precautions against the epidemic until a vaccine is developed against the epidemic.

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