Why does a person infected with corona die on a ventilator? The main reason came to light

Researchers in the United States have claimed to have found the cause of the rising number of deaths from coronavirus-infected people.

According to US media reports, New York is the most affected city by the Corona epidemic, with about 80% of patients needing to be kept on a ventilator.

Dr. Richard Delevington of the United States, along with his team, conducted a research study to find increasing deaths from corona to ventilator, and began collecting data from different patients.

According to Dr. Delevington, head of the research team, deaths from corona virus patients are increasing due to the lack of early symptoms of pneumonia. The patient has great difficulty breathing.

He said that despite the lack of oxygen in pneumonia, there is no difficulty in breathing at first, but breathing to compensate for the lack of oxygen causes internal damage and constant damage to the lungs makes the patient's condition critical.

Research has also shown that the lungs are badly affected by the time the virus takes hold, in which case even if the patient tries to breathe through the machine, after a while The respiratory system becomes completely dysfunctional, resulting in the death of the patient.

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